​Boulder Ridge Kennels

Nutrition is key to a healthy pet and not all foods are created equal. I am a research freak about nutrition, supplements and products that I use on my animals because they are only here such a short time and whatever I can do to help extend that time, I'm going to do.

I fed a raw diet for 15 years and I still truly believe the raw diet is best BUT I am realizing that the time I have spent lugging meat, prepping, researching, sourcing, grinding, feeding and sanitizing is time that I have missed out on my human family time. I have always researched kibbles but in all these years I've never found one that I believed in and trusted enough to feed my dogs.  Until I found Life's Abundance formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks a Holistic Veterinarian. Now I feel good about my choice to switch back to kibble and enable myself to have more free time to spend with my husband and children.

Life's Abundance is the only dry kibble food I recommend for my dogs and I extend your health guarantee on my puppies if you feed it, that's how strongly I feel about it. Please visit my website through link below and look at the amazing products Dr. Bicks makes for your beloved pets.