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Cash lives up to his name and is a fire ball!! He loves life and everything in it. The world was put here for him to explore and conquer. He is known around here as the wild joker due to his happy go lucky personality and extremely upbeat, energetic self. Cash is a very powerful dog who may not be as bulky as some males but this dog could easily do his job! He is a rock solid muscle with unbelievable drive, energy, willingness and athleticism.  We are hoping to hit the show rings with him in another year after he's done filling out but in the meantime he's training for his Rally title and will be starting Flyball!!

Cash has all of his clearances:

*OFA Prelim Elbows Normal

*OFA Prelim Hips Good

*OFA Heart Normal

*CERF Eye's Normal

​*Pennhip 95%