​Boulder Ridge Kennels

​Our puppies are raised in our home as part of our family. Puppies receive round the clock care especially in the first 4 weeks of life as Bullmastiff mothers cannot be left alone with her  babies due to her size. And many times moms don't have enough milk so I bottle feed the puppies every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks along with stimulating them to potty and cleaning them up afterwards. It takes a lot of time and dedication to raise a litter of puppies along with a strong heart to be able to handle heartache when it strikes. 
With that being said I love my puppies just like children so I want to ensure they go to families that will also love them as much as I do and have them be part of their family. 
​Pet Puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract meaning they cannot be used for breeding.

Show Puppies are sold with full AKC registration and a contract stating requirements that must be met prior to adding them to a breeding program.
When you add a Boulder Ridge puppy to your family you will be getting a lot more then just a puppy.......
-you will be a part of the Boulder Ridge family and we always stay in touch and get together for visits
-I am available just about 24/7 to answer questions, help with an emergency, give advice etc
-you will get a Puppy Packet full of information about your puppy(vaccines,training,nutrition,supplements,resources for products,pet insurance trial,toys I recommend,books I recommend,etc)
-Puppy comes with a *3yr  deadly or disabling genetic disorder  guarantee*, microchipped, AKC registered, first vaccine, wormed, vet checked, well socialized, discounted boarding and training with  me, and a lifetime of support from me.

​*must be fed either raw diet or Life's Abundance kibble otherwise you get a 1 year guarantee*

Common Questions We Are Asked:

  • What do your Bullmastiff puppies cost? $2200-$2500
  • Why do Bullmastiffs cost so much? click here to find out
  • Are they good with kids? Yes they are wonderful family dogs and love children if they are raised around them
  • Are they good with cats and small dogs? Depends on the individual puppy or dog, this is why temperament testing is so important prior to purchasing a puppy
  • Do they like to swim? Most like the water but not necessarily swimming
  • Are they big chewers? Not normally but if you don't stimulate their minds enough anything can happen
  • Are they stubborn? Yes they can be
  • Are they hard to train? Not if you use common sense approach and never allow them to get away with unwanted behaviors from the start, they are highly food motivated so use that to your advantage during training
  • Are they dog aggressive? They can be dog aggressive with dogs outside of their pack once they hit sexual maturity, but if they are very well socialized as a puppy it's not as common of an issue
  • A temperament test is done on every litter at 7 weeks of age, this is how I decide which puppy you will receive. As a dog trainer I am well aware of the hardache the wrong temperament puppy for your family can cause, and this is why I match up the perfect puppy for your family.

*A $500 non refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy*

Please fill out our Puppy Questioner and email to us at